The Extra Hand           A Flexible, Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder

.......Designed for Mothers of Multiples.......

and Anyone Else that needs a Helping Hand

(Dads and Grandmas included!)

Invented by Parents of Triplets !!!


“It’s Like Having a Nanny or Au-Pair with You at Every Feeding…and a Lot Less Expensive!”

 Dear New Moms of Newborn Twins, Triplets or Quadruplets:

                            Congratulations !!!

We would like to introduce you to a very unique product designed just for you to help during this very busy time in your life…

What if you could reduce the time it takes to feed your babies, and feed them all at the same time…all by yourself ?

What if you could literally cut the Baby Feeding Time in half ?

Well You can…This is it…We have the solution that Mothers of Multiples have been waiting for. The Extra Hand ....

The Extra Hand is a Flexible / Hands -Free Baby Bottle Holder. It is simple, easy to install and easy to use.... Simply hand tighten the versatile screw clamp to any seat you normally use for feeding ( bouncy seat, carry seat, car seat, high chair, strollers etc. ) bend the flexible arm into position, slip the bottle into the holder and you are ready to feed.

 Like An Au-Pair helping you with every feeding               THE EXTRA HAND is the smartest invention to come along to date. It's like having a Nanny or Au-Pair helping you at every feeding!

Voted the #1 Baby Feeding Device. It is “The Best” Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding Device to hit the market yet. It is the “Rolls Royce” of Baby Bottle Proppers.

Ultra-strong, High Quality components make it the only device on the market today tough enough to meet the demanding needs of Moms of Multiples. It even supports the larger Avent, Dr. Brown and Born-Free Bottles.

Go ahead...Twist it, turn it, bend it, flex it…it’s indestructible!!!

 The EXTRA HAND is everything you want it to be…            


           One of our first Happy Customers !!!!

        Only $29.95 Order Your Extra Hand Now   

As Parents of Triplets, we understand your situation...      Many new Moms of Multiples are left home alone all day, stranded by themselves...trying desperately to take care of all the demands of newborn babies.  It is quite the challenge.

Standing alone in a room with 2, 3, or 4 screaming babies, all hungry, all needing attention, all needing to be fed at the same time. How do you do it?

Bottles, formula, diapers, naps, toys, playtime, etc. it goes on and on, and it never ends, one day spills right over into the next. The 24/7 demand on your time is ruthless !

Wouldn’t you rather be spending quality time with your precious new baby twins, triplets or quadruplets instead of hours of feeding time?

We have something that will make it simple for you to do just that. THE EXTRA HAND.

100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back                                 THE EXTRA HAND was invented by Ronnie Ebert when his Triplets were born, to help his wife, Celeste, handle the 24-30 bottles a day their Triplets would consume.  It is designed to help you do one job and do it well.

So well, that this product is guaranteed to streamline the bottle feeding process, or your money back !!! This is our promise to you...we are so confident it will help you, we offer a no-nonsense 100% Money Back guarantee.

The Extra Hand - LLC ...... The Multiples Experts ...... Your source for practical and innovative products and information.

We have been helping new Moms all over the world for the past 12 years what some new moms have said:


 "Right after my Triplets came home from the hospital,  I found myself saying “They’re already hungry again?"


I feel like I just fed them! Then I ordered The Extra Hand, and it  has helped me save so much time feeding my triplets, I just can’t thank you enough!"

MaryAnn Marisano, Austin TX



   "We are only too happy to let the Extra Hand take over,

especially when the twins start crying and screaming to be fed!


As you know, Ron, the hardest part of baby feeding is being ready to feed on short notice. We'd been struggling with the demands of feeding our twins, now with The Extra Hand, we are able to feed them both in short order, with way less craziness and stress on both us and the babies. It's truly the best investment in baby feeding we could have ever wished for, and would highly recommend it for all parents of twins."

Marsha and Craig Broden, Phoenixeville, PA



"Traveling with the babies is so easy now!


We had tried all types of pillows and propping systems to feed the babies while traveling, but they ended up being more work than they were worth. Then Janet at the Triplet Connection recommended that we try out The Extra Hand. It makes travelling so much easier for us, and is a helpful device that no parents of triplets should be without."


Dianne and Robert Slowbridge, San Diego CA 




The Extra Hand...a Flexible Baby Bottle Holder

There's an Extra Hand for Every Kind of Baby Bottle       We not only made The Extra Hand strong and durable, we made it capable of holding every Baby Bottle on the market today, including the popular Avent, Dr. Brown, Playtex and Born-Free bottles.  Our Interchangeable Brackets make it all possible.  They simply screw on and off to accommodate any size bottle.

Choose the Extra Hand that's Best for You!           The Extra Hand with Standard Bracket   $29.95                      If you use a standard 8 oz. Bottle  

The Extra Hand with Avent Bracket         $33.95                      If you use a larger diameter 9 oz.Avent Bottle or  9 oz. Dr. Brown Bottle

The Extra Hand Gold Package                 $44.95                           A package that will grow with your Baby. Includes the Extra Hand with 3 Brackets :   A Standard Bracket, a "Mini" Bracket (for the slim Hospital style disposable bottles) and an Avent Bracket for the larger diameter 9 oz. bottles from Avent and Dr. Brown  and Born-Free

The Extra Hand Travel Bag                     $19.95                    Carries up to 3 Extra Hands, with  accessory pockets and strap to hold it all   

Only $29.95 Order Your Extra Hand Now  

     *** Special Note to all Moms of Multiples ***              If you are currently bottle feeding more than one baby, and    you want to make the feeding sessions totally Hands-Free, you should order one Extra Hand for each baby.

This will allow you to perform other necessary tasks like Burping, changing, adjusting, positioning etc. during the feeding routine without interrupting the entire feeding process.

** Special note to Moms Nursing Twins or Triplets **         Many new Moms with Multiples start out with the best of intentions with plans of breastfeeding all their Babies, Unfortunately, they soon find out that they simply do not produce enough breast milk to support the requirements of all their babies. The time required and the physical demand (fatigue, positioning, sore/tender nipples etc. ) leaves many moms searching for other options. The Extra Hand is the solution ! You can retreive the breast milk mechanically and store it in bottles to divide evenly among all your babies using The Extra Hand.

Research has shown that another added benefit of The Extra Hand is that it aids in teaching the baby how to hold their own bottle. 

Simple to Use and New Mom Friendly                   Remember: The Extra Hand is the easiest-to-use device on the market today. Just attach to your seat and start using, it's that simple. No messy tubes to clean, no complicated slings, straps or snaps to adjust and re-adjust....and no soggy pillows to launder. And The Extra Hand allows you to use your own preferred baby bottle.  

Start simplifying your Baby Feeding today!   

  • Enjoy Hands-Free baby bottle feeding
  • Feed all your babies at the same time
  • Clamps to any surface, and can be flexed into any position
  • Easily accommodates larger 9 oz. Avent Bottle and Dr. Brown system bottles
  • Compact and convenient: great for traveling
  • Grows along with your baby: available with Mini bracket, Regular / Standard bottle bracket, all the way up to the 9 oz. Avent bracket 
  • Spend more quality time enjoying your babies

FREE! Receive a FREE! Picture Frame with Digital Clock, (while supplies last) if you order 3 or more of any Extra Hand Units

You are covered by our risk-free 100% money back guarantee

There are 3 ways to Order:

  1. Secure ordering online with major credit cards.               Click here to Order your Extra Hand Now Only $29.95  
  2. Email us with your selections at:        
  3. Call us at (973)209-0833, to order over the phone or to leave a message with your name and phone number

If you still have any questions, feel free to email us at and we will contact you to walk you through the simple ordering process.        

In closing, we look forward to helping all New Moms feed their babies! The Extra Hand was a big help to us, and we know it will be for you, too.

Very Truly Yours,


Celeste and Ronnie Ebert



PS: Remember, you can simplify your baby feeding right away with THE EXTRA HAND. It's like having a Nanny or Au-Pair helping you to feed your babies all at the same time, all for  only $29.95

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Warning: Do Not leave child un-attended while feeding. Close supervision during feeding times is necessary.

Do Not use this product on extremely premature babies or babies with recognized Medical conditions. For this we advise you to confer with the feeding procedures outlined by your doctor.

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